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What Causes Eye Strain? 

Our lifestyles today are generally busy and involve much alternating between digital devices, driving and a plethora of hobbies and chores. Our eyes are continually adjusting and readjusting to a vast variety of situations, lights and content. They work hard and take a lot of strain.

Headaches, twitching and bloodshot eyes, and dry or scratchy eyes are just some of the symptoms of eye strain.

Digital eye strain has become particularly prevalent in today's modern society. When one is reading off of a screen, the eyes have to constantly refocus and reposition in order to the process content - this is because of the varying distances at which we hold different digital devices. As a result, one doesn't blink as often. Blinking moisturises the front of the eye. The average person blinks around 16 times per minute. This is halved when using a digital device. General fatigue can also occur from staring at screens and straining to read small fonts and images. In addition, because the eye has to focus and refocus on varying distances significant fatigue results. 

After a fully comprehensive eye test with your Torga optometrist, you could opt for a pair of freeform intermediate multifocals or possibly fully distance orientated multifocals, which could significantly improve your visual comfort.

Torga Optical manufactures all of its own lenses, using the latest German precision lens technology, at Torga Lens Manufacturing in Maitland, Cape Town. This means that there are no middlemen, reducing costs to the customer, and allowing a customised solution to the individual.

Torga Optical's Computer Tech lenses are freeform digital lenses that have been specifically designed to relieve the strain on one's eyes caused by focussing close up on digital devices such as smartphones, notebooks and laptops.