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Caring for your Contact Lenses



Proper care and handling
will keep your eyes and lenses in perfect condition



Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses. Try using paper towel instead of towels, tissues or toilet paper.

Never use tap water, any other water or saliva on your contact lenses or lens case.

Never put a contact lens on your eye if it has fallen on the floor or other surface without cleaning it first.

After removing your contact lenses, clean it, rub and rinse of the debris and store the lenses in fresh solution for disinfection.

Daily wear contact lenses should be thrown away after each use.

Always wear your lenses as advised by your optometrist and throw them away if it is past the expiry date.

Never re-use or top-up your solution – discard and replace it with fresh solution each time you store your contact lenses.

Always use the new case you receive with your bottle of solution in order for it to stay disinfected. Throw away the old case.

Insert your contact lenses before applying any cream or make-up and remove your lenses before you remove your make-up or wash your face.

Never sleep with your contact lenses in your eye, unless specifically advised so by your optometrist.

Never use your lenses for swimming, hot tubs, showering or water sports unless when wearing goggles or keeping your eyes firmly closed.

Never switch the solution you are using unless advised by your optometrist.

Never over-wear your contact lenses, this can lead to infections and long term damage to your eyes.

Never use any eye drops with your contact lenses without advice from your optometrist.
Always have an up to date pair of spectacles for when you need to remove your lenses.

Remove the contact lenses immediately when your eyes become irritated or red or if you are feeling ill. Seek professional advice as soon as possible

According to the Health Profession Council of South Africa you need to have your eyes examined annually by an optometrist to assess the health of your eyes.

Cleaning your contact lenses are very important for successful and healthy wear.

When you are wearing two-weekly or monthly contact lenses, it should be cleaned every time you remove the lens from the eye.

Place the lens in the palm of your hand and squirt a few drops of solution into your hand. Take your finger and place it on the lens. Rub the lens up and down, and left to right between your finger and your palm.

Now rinse both sides of the contact lens with fresh solution to get rid of any debris before you store the lenses.

Fill your case with solution and place the lens in the solution. Make sure you close the lens case. Leave the lenses to soak in the solution overnight before you insert the lenses the following day.