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What's in a Lens?

What’s in a Lens?

Updated: Tuesday, 15 May, 2018

Surely a lens is a lens is a lens…? If you believe what many optical stores tell you, then yes, it is. But actually, it’s not. Most lenses are generic and imported through various middlemen. This is the reason most spectacles retailers are so expensive and the wait for prescription lenses is so long.

There's an optical brand, however, that does things very differently and the result is quality, affordable and fashionable eyewear. So affordable, in fact, that you can afford to have multiple pairs for different looks or to suit different occasions.

Torga Optical uses the very latest, cutting-edge (pardon the pun) German precision lens technology to produce very specialised prescription lenses of their own. No middlemen; no unnecessary mark-ups on lens prices; and no long waits. This allows the customer to get quality-assured, technologically sophisticated products and real value-for-money.

The German precision lens technology that is used to manufacture all Torga lenses creates personalised lenses, which means greater clarity and visual comfort. If you are a multifocal wearer, for example, this digital technology provides you with lenses that offer wide visual fields for easy adaptation. Only the best materials are used and every lens has a hard (protective) coating, at no additional cost. 

Using the latest in German precision (free-form) lens technology and only the very best quality materials, Torga Optical manufactures its own lenses that are personalised to your prescription.

All Torga eyecare practitioners are professionally trained to ensure that you receive a prescription lens that will enhance your vision in every situation. They are also trained to assist you select frames that will suit your face, your lifestyle and your personality and style. The result is that not only will you see better, you will feel confident and stylish in your glasses and your specs won’t break the bank either.